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  Gerben 7d656975d2 Add ISC licence 2 years ago
  Gerben 1041f037a0 Tweak comments 2 years ago
  Gerben 11d2ed31b4 Consistently capitalise type names 2 years ago
  Gerben da527a3a3e Update to spec version of 25 October 2020 2 years ago
  Gerben 85526115a7 Update to spec version of 22 October 2020 3 years ago
  Gerben 845e64d684 Update to spec version of 28 August 2020 3 years ago
  Gerben 3bb89f1807 Remove outdated non-implementations of §3.4 3 years ago
  Gerben 2a8ddb51f8 Use publish-to-git, update Readme 3 years ago
  Gerben 828d9301a1 Split index.ts & export all definitions. 3 years ago
  Gerben 2d4d2afb5c Trigger polyfill for page-local links 3 years ago
  Gerben acdf88153c Export applyFragDir() for browser console use. 3 years ago
  Gerben 08cd7a7d0f Add example with multiple targets to demo. 3 years ago
  Gerben e874b90e91 Fix feature detection in demo (support old spec) 3 years ago
  Gerben 484ef3bd45 Update to spec version of 13 August 2020 3 years ago
  Gerben 67ed705b1a Initial implementation, polyfill, demo 3 years ago
  Gerben 41dedafda3 Initial (empty) commit. 3 years ago