The WICG’s Text Fragments draft specification, implemented in TypeScript

Updated 1 month ago

Browser extension to bookmark fragments of audio files

Updated 8 months ago

Like Element.outerHTML, but for the whole Document.

Updated 8 months ago

Convert a DOM DocumentType into a string, e.g. "<!DOCTYPE html>"

Updated 8 months ago

The gitea template customisations used here.

Updated 9 months ago

Browser extension to watch YouTube videos without the distracting cruft around it, in the full window.

Updated 10 months ago

Browser extension to hide view-reducing screen junk from websites.

Updated 11 months ago

Remote Procedure Call implementation for WebExtensions, to easily call functions across content scripts and background script.

Updated 1 year ago

Static file hosting on Nextcloud.

Updated 1 year ago

Turn your Nextcloud into a web archive.

Updated 1 year ago