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Gerben 3 years ago
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@@ -584,12 +584,13 @@ export function advanceRangeStartToNextNonWhitespacePosition(range: Range) {
// 7. “Otherwise”
else {
// 1. “Let cp be the code point at the offset index in node’s data.”
const cp = (node as CharacterData).data.codePointAt(offset) as number; // TODO verify if this is correct. We use the index to count code *units*, but we read the code *point*, which smells fishy but may be correct.
const cp = (node as CharacterData).data.codePointAt(offset) as number;

// 2. “If cp does not have the White_Space property set, return.”
if (!hasWhiteSpaceProperty(cp)) return;

// 3. “Add 1 to range’s start offset.”
// XXX This implictly (but correctly) presumes that any character with the White_Space property is one code unit.
range.setStart(range.startContainer, range.startOffset + 1);

@@ -711,7 +712,7 @@ export function isSearchInvisible(node: Node): boolean {
return true;

// 3. “Is any of the following types: HTMLIFrameElement, HTMLImageElement, HTMLMeterElement, HTMLObjectElement, HTMLProgressElement, HTMLStyleElement, HTMLScriptElement, HTMLVideoElement, HTMLAudioElement”
if (['iframe', 'image', 'meter', 'object', 'progress', 'style', 'script', 'video', 'audio'].includes(node.localName)) // TODO verify: is this correct? Do class names and localName map one-to-one? (hopefully yes, as the term ‘element type’ seems used for both concepts)
if (['iframe', 'image', 'meter', 'object', 'progress', 'style', 'script', 'video', 'audio'].includes(node.localName))
return true;

// 4. “Is a select element whose multiple content attribute is absent.”