Browser extension to watch YouTube videos without the distracting cruft around it, in the full window.

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  Gerben 34480a8719 Update readme 4 years ago
  Gerben 6653009c08 Bump version to v1.3.0 6 years ago
  Gerben b094272a29 Convert start time query parameter (t <=> start) 6 years ago
  Gerben 80564ea6ca Hide video annotations and YouTube branding 6 years ago
  Gerben 68a4f5be8e Add Readme with image. 7 years ago
  Gerben 18a644c7ea Add apological comments to Makefile. 7 years ago
  Gerben 931f3e2ca1 Bump version to v1.2.0 7 years ago
  Gerben 274f287054 Make icon gray when cinema mode is disabled. 7 years ago
  Gerben 675eff8c4e Bump version to v1.1.1 7 years ago
  Gerben 1849e00e13 Add 128px icon. 7 years ago
  Gerben b7562ac72d Bump version to v1.1.0 7 years ago
  Gerben f646b2ac0b Change directory structure, use crx. 7 years ago
  Gerben 9a87d29e9d Large refactor/rewrite. 7 years ago
  Gerben 05f1e8b154 Ignore pages inside frames, refactor. 7 years ago
  Gerben 2556c9b985 Update Makefile to build for both Fx&Cr. 7 years ago
  Gerben 1ecb5b0c64 Apply enabled state per tab, not globally. 7 years ago
  Gerben 7fefaa9688 Add pageAction 7 years ago
  Gerben e62c9e8827 Add extension icon 7 years ago
  Gerben f642b19038 1-hour MVP. 7 years ago
  Gerben 02541bcfcc Initial commit. 7 years ago