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  Gerben 3dfe82a07e Tweak file list on narrow screen 4 years ago
  Gerben 6e33afb422 Add CSP 4 years ago
  Gerben c73da85538 Add custom icon 4 years ago
  Gerben 6732250b04 Add login/logout button, show navbar to owner 4 years ago
  Gerben de8236e287 hidden content hover feedback 4 years ago
  Gerben b933e8c54f Incorporate some changes from upstream (up to commit cac6990) 4 years ago
  Gerben 6a59578f3e Show a hint of hidden content under a closed folder 4 years ago
  Gerben 3a0d83e295 Use <details> around repo file listing 5 years ago
  Gerben d9fed39dca Modify signin_inner.tmpl 5 years ago
  Gerben e231b5c0d0 Add original signin_inner.tmpl 5 years ago
  Gerben 4f19ae6c5f Incorporate some changes from upstream (up to commit 7606061) 5 years ago
  Gerben 88805f1eec Incorporate some changes from upstream (up to e64aa18) 5 years ago
  Gerben 593c692328 Add readme. 6 years ago
  Gerben 96723c5522 Update template to upstream changes 6 years ago
  Gerben 7d8ab0a85f Move breadcrumbs, simplify commit info in file list 6 years ago
  Gerben 9d31c5959c Add original repo/view_{file,list}.tmpl 6 years ago
  Gerben 214ad4e20f Reorder repo search/branch-picker/buttons; use dropdown for clone. 6 years ago
  Gerben 93e5b95455 Move repo description to repo header 6 years ago
  Gerben 555e293a44 Remove Commits|Branches submenu, show #commits besides branch dropdown 6 years ago
  Gerben 24c3f483c5 Add original repo/{home.tmpl,commits.tmpl,branch_dropdown.tmpl,branch/list.tmpl,sub_menu.tmpl} 6 years ago
  Gerben bf0ef5d090 Remove Watch button 6 years ago
  Gerben 65e71c822a unblue issue/PR/release counts 6 years ago
  Gerben 1c8062c656 Hide Wiki from repo header 6 years ago
  Gerben d66ee60831 Remove "better with javascript" reminder 6 years ago
  Gerben 1bbb7dfbb6 Remove some fork buttons/counters 6 years ago
  Gerben 47c709a4dc Rip out stars 6 years ago
  Gerben 78149fc377 Add original repo_list.tmpl, dashboard.tmpl, repo/header.tmpl 6 years ago
  Gerben 8ea11823ab Rename Public Activity -> Recent Activity 6 years ago
  Gerben 015d985f24 Remove profile card 6 years ago
  Gerben c4e4936502 Add custom css file 6 years ago
  Gerben 7be392c007 Redirect / to /gerben 6 years ago
  Gerben ca942240c9 Add original user/profile.tmpl 6 years ago
  Gerben f9a203ac44 Customise home template 6 years ago
  Gerben c9bd7a88d1 Add original home template 6 years ago
  Gerben 77a6cab206 Remove header, footer bars 6 years ago
  Gerben 48bcaf569a Add original templates of head&footer 6 years ago
  Gerben d92cbac115 Initial (empty) commit. 6 years ago