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  Gerben 81658e9375 0.1.4 1 year ago
  Gerben 72d4b5e2ab Add typescript declaration, also publish as module 1 year ago
  Gerben 85dbc8bd99 tweak Readme 1 year ago
  Gerben e6d7afec25 0.1.3 1 year ago
  Gerben 77946fc9af Update doctype-to-string dependency. 1 year ago
  Gerben 2a0563357b Publish version tag 1 year ago
  Gerben b3c3a36edf Revert "Use 'prepare' instead of 'prepublish' in package.json" 1 year ago
  Gerben b3d1f30388 Bump version to v0.1.2 1 year ago
  Gerben 34829dc131 Use publish-to-git 1 year ago
  Gerben 8bea83ccc6 Use repo URLs instead of npm registry. 1 year ago
  Gerben 927fbe3d65 Use 'prepare' instead of 'prepublish' in package.json 1 year ago
  Gerben 418fdc4012 Minor dependency update 1 year ago
  Gerben ce8ebabd07 0.1.1 2 years ago
  Gerben e02042c541 Add homepage to package.json 3 years ago
  Gerben 347ed46206 style nitpick 3 years ago
  Gerben 2198e907ad Fix Readme headings 3 years ago
  Gerben e788fe66cb Add repository URL. 3 years ago
  Gerben 2689a011db 0.1.0 3 years ago
  Gerben a58565e774 Add package-lock.json 3 years ago
  Gerben 1027c9e883 Initial implementation 3 years ago
  Gerben 612931f1ad Initial (empty) commit. 3 years ago