Browser extension to hide view-reducing screen junk from websites.

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  Gerben 652868c35c Add Readme 3 years ago
  Gerben d317da7519 v1.2.0 4 years ago
  Gerben b9e3605f64 Only check suspicious changes. 4 years ago
  Gerben 5cd84c56b7 Try use a mutation observer 4 years ago
  Gerben 39afbeb177 Set extension icon 5 years ago
  Gerben e244b00384 v1.1.0 5 years ago
  Gerben 9aa35c0e4b Add test page 5 years ago
  Gerben 9818104fd0 Update button title when enabled/disabled. 5 years ago
  Gerben e70a7b051e Set defaults for PageActionButton options 5 years ago
  Gerben 7b37a7ebf1 Use two icons: enabled and disabled 5 years ago
  Gerben 59e1712a2b Add icon 5 years ago
  Gerben 45086cf67f Add pageAction button to enable/disable per origin 5 years ago
  Gerben 9e4da16460 Remove unnecessary delay logic 5 years ago
  Gerben fb227efe4b Use _.throttle like normal people would. 5 years ago
  Gerben 80cd386fb8 Use visibility: hidden instead of display: none 5 years ago
  Gerben 93f3deb72a Name extension 5 years ago
  Gerben b392e60d96 Rerun after a second (when scrolling) 5 years ago
  Gerben 664398defb Walk 4 states, concat revertSteps 5 years ago
  Gerben 661a2687bc Listen to scroll events 5 years ago
  Gerben cc2c16aba3 First implementation 5 years ago
  Gerben cc7d4160f8 webextension+babel scaffolding 5 years ago
  Gerben 24f3476fba Initial commit. 5 years ago