Store and publish annotations on the web, as described in the Web Annotation Discovery proposal.

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  1. <h1>Annotation server</h1>
  2. <p>
  3. This website hosts <a href="">web annotations</a>, to demonstrate <a href="">Web Annotation Discovery</a>.
  4. </p>
  5. <p>
  6. The users listed below host their public annotations here. You can subscribe to their collections of annotations to see them on the pages they target.
  7. </p>
  8. <p>
  9. To view annotations on web pages, you need a web browser (extension) that supports web annotations. The <a href="">Web Annotation Discovery WebExtension</a> can help you here.
  10. </p>
  11. <p class="annotationBody">
  12. Note this software is experimental. Do not rely on it for serious business.
  13. </p>
  14. <p>
  15. If you want to give it a try yourself, you can run <a href="">this server software</a> too.
  16. </p>
  17. <h2>Users</h2>
  18. <p>
  19. This annotation server is home to the following users:
  20. </p>
  21. {{#each users}}
  22. <p class='large'><a href='{{this}}/'>{{this}}</a></p>
  23. {{/each}}