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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <info xmlns:xsi= ""
  3. xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="">
  4. <id>raw</id>
  5. <name>Raw</name>
  6. <summary>Serves files on the World Wide Web</summary>
  7. <description>
  8. Raw simply returns any requested file, so you can link directly to a file itself (i.e. without any
  9. of NextCloud's interface around it). This enables you to host static web pages, images or other
  10. files, for example to link/embed them elsewhere on the web.
  11. For security and privacy, the content is served with a [Content-Security-Policy][] header. This
  12. header instructs browsers to not load any remote content, nor execute any scripts that it may
  13. contain (of course, the downside is that your web pages cannot use javascript for interactivity).
  14. ## Usage
  15. The common usage is to first share a file and enable public access through a link. If the share link
  16. is `https://my-nextcloud/s/aBc123DeF456xyZ`, then this app will provide access to the raw file at
  17. `https://my-nextcloud/apps/raw/s/aBc123DeF456xyZ`. If the share is a folder, the files within it
  18. are accessible as e.g. `https://my-nextcloud/apps/raw/s/aBc123DeF456xyZ/path/to/file`.
  19. A user can also access their own private files. For example, a file named `test.html` in anansi's
  20. Documents folder would be available at `https://my-nextcloud/apps/raw/u/anansi/Documents/test.html`.
  21. [Content-Security-Policy]:
  22. </description>
  23. <version>0.0.1</version>
  24. <licence>agpl</licence>
  25. <author mail="">Gerben</author>
  26. <namespace>Raw</namespace>
  27. <category>files</category>
  28. <repository type="git"></repository>
  29. <bugs></bugs>
  30. <dependencies>
  31. <nextcloud min-version="14" max-version="14"/>
  32. </dependencies>
  33. </info>