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3 years ago
  1. The gitea template customisations used on
  2. [](, for whoever is interested.
  3. Not intended for general use; it's an unfinished bunch of hacks. Most is just
  4. butchering out of gitea's default templates whatever seemed unnecessary for my
  5. single-party instance (or simply looked too crowded).
  6. Ideally, I would like software that is designed for this scenario, and supports
  7. federated (cross-instance) comments and pull requests to facilitate
  8. collaboration between people&projects.
  9. See also:
  10. - gitea's [docs on customisation](
  11. - gitea [issue 3687](, about use
  12. by a single organisation.
  13. - [git-ssb]( seems to go the right
  14. direction!